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Don’t know where to start? Read our primer that outlines the impact of this issue for content-hosting platforms and subsequent company policy recommendations to build a safer community.

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Product Updates

Our first version of Safer includes end-to-end functionality to support the identification, removal, and reporting of CSAM at scale and in real-time. Comprehensive coverage begins with proactive detection. Read more about the features we've released.

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We began this journey almost a decade ago and the scale of the problem continues to grow. We're activating the larger technology ecosystem with tools to fight the spread of CSAM on platforms and eliminate it from the internet for good.

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The New York Times published a four-part series tackling the intricacies of child sexual abuse material in 2019. We're sharing it as a resource alongside our insights on who this impacts most and how.

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Quick Guides

Our starter guide for companies looking to institute policies and processes to actively combat the spread of CSAM on their platform.


A baseline framework developed by Microsoft and industry partners to help companies begin identifying instances where grooming of children for sexual purposes are occurring.

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